Vegan Nice Cream – Ice Cream

Nice cream is vegan, mainly including banana and some berries. It´s been trendy for years now. Summer time I like to make my own nice cream  with ingredients I like.  Supermarket and grocery stores are full of different kinds of ice creams but all loaded with sugar. I do not use added sugar at all….

Healthy Slaw Salad

Slaw salad is super easy and fast to make with food processor. My recipes are mostly easy and quick to prepare, and always optimized for maximum health benefits. I eat only the food that supports my health. You can use in the this slaw salad also other veggies like cabbage, carrots or what ever you…

DIY Cashew “Mylk” Milk

There are lots of different kind of plant-based milks (almond, cashew, coconut) in the market but most of them are including added sugar or artificial flavor or including soya. I am not big fan of milk since I try to avoid dairy products, they causes chronic inflammation in your body. If you have any inflammation…

Carrot Noodles with Hummus

Carrots are great to use for many ways in food. I love carrots, consuming them about 7 kg per week. I eat almost everyday carrot in a food or in juice. Carrots are ideal for boosting the immune system. They contain a number of antiseptic and antibacterial abilities. Carrots are rich source of vitamin C,…

Mushroom Cashew Pasta

On weekdays I prefer cook food with short preparing time. I try to vary foods that I don´t always eat salad or soup, at summertime I eat mostly raw food. My top 3 favorite pasta foods are carrot, beet pesto (recipe coming soon) and this mushroom pasta. All are super easy and fast to prepare….